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Alanya - McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies
Alanya, Turkey (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Fall,
Fall Back-Up
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Fact Sheet:
Minimum Cumulative GPA:
3.0 Language Prerequisite: No
Language(s): English, Turkish
Type of Program:
GU Villas
Non-GU Students May Apply: Yes Housing Options: Off-Campus, Student Residence
Level of Support: High (Comprehensive onsite support) Subjects Offered: Economics, International Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Religion, Turkish
Program Description:

Alanya - McGhee Center for
Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Alanya, Turkey

Join us at one of our upcoming information sessions:
January14, 2015 at 3pm in Car Barn 210
January 20, 2015 at 2pm in Car Barn 210
To begin the application process for this program, you must first click the APPLY NOW button and make an appointment with Mia Pezzanite. Just want to talk more about it before you decide?  Feel free to make an appointment to do that as well. Applications are due in February for the upcoming fall. For non-GU students interested in applying to the McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, the deadline is March 6, 2015.  Please email Mia Pezzanite at to begin your application.

Note: If you are considering multiple programs with varying deadlines, please submit application materials for ALL programs at the earliest deadline.

About the program
Since its creation, the McGhee Center has trained students for a wide range of careers in the private sector, diplomacy, academia, and cultural affairs.  The Center stands out for its role in creating a worldwide network of young leaders in scholarship, business, and international affairs working in Turkey and the wider European, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean Regions.

The fall 2015 application deadline for all Georgetown University students is February 10, 2015.
The fall 2015 application deadline for non-Georgetown University students is March 6, 2015.
  • Cost
  • Academic Calendar
This program runs in the Fall semester only.  Fall 2015 dates are still pending. Please see our sample calendar.
For further application information and course descriptions, please visit the McGhee Center's website at:
  • Language of Instruction
All courses (with the exception of Turkish language) are taught in English.  No previous Turkish Language is required.
  • CourseloadCipolle
Students are required to enroll in a minimum of fifteen credit hours each semester, however students may choose to enroll in a maximum of eighteen credit hours (by exception only) while at the McGhee Center. All students enroll in a Turkish language course in addition to the courses that students choose from the elective course offerings (even though they may count towards the major, minor or a certificate program). You can learn more about the courses offered at the McGhee Center by reading the course descriptions.

Required Course Offering (Turkish Language Levels)

TURK-003 Beginning Turkish I (4 credits)
TURK-021 Intermediate/Advanced Turkish (3 credits)

Fall 2015 Elective Courses

ARTS 115: Cross Cultural Visual Language (Xenakis, 3 Credits)
ARTS 205: Visual Relationships in the Ottoman and Byzantine Legacies (Xenakis, 3 Credits)
HIST 260: Turkey from Empire to Republic (Al-Tikriti, 3 Credits)
HIST 263: Ottoman Legacies (Al-Tikriti, 3 Credits)
CULP 240: Culture and Politics of the Middle East in Turkey (Akcapar, 3 Credits)
INAF 463: International Migration and Turkey - The EU Process and Beyond (Akcapar, 3 Credits)

Fall 2014 Elective Courses

ECON 254-62: Global Trade Issues: A Case Study in Turkey (Bartley, 3 Credits)
ECON 276-62: Environmental Economics: A Study in Practice within the EU and Turkey (Bartley, 3 Credits)
HIST 268-62: The Mediterranean World (McCann, 3 Credits)
HIST 365-62: Modern Turkey (McCann, 3 Credits)
IPOL 210-62: Borders and Security Concerns (Hervey-Stephen, 3 Credits)
CULP 337-62: The Geopolitics of Population Issues in Turkey (Hervey-Stephen, 3 Credits)

Fall 2013 Elective Courses

ECON 253-62: The Political Economy of the Turkish Republic (Strand, 3 Credits)
ECON 388-62: The European Union and Turkey (Strand, 3 Credits)
CULP 272 -62: The Museum: Orientalist Gaze and Turkish Self-Representation (Sieg, 3 Credits)
CULP 353-62: Guestworkers to Cosmopolitans: Literature and Cinema of Turkish Migration (Sieg, 3 Credits)
THEO 198-62: One Land, Two Faiths: The Religious Histories of Christianity and Islam in Modern Turkey (Steenhuisen, 3 Credits)
THEO 216-62: The State and the Veil: Analyzing Veiling Politics in Turkey, Algeria, and France (Steenhuisen, 3 Credits)



Dates / Deadlines:
There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Please check back at a later date.
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